Milk and Nothing Else...

Our milk is nutritious, creamy and white. Packed in glass for a clean, crisp taste, nothing is added or taken, just the natural goodness of farm fresh milk.
Milk is a great comfort food that will soothe your soul to ensure a restful nights sleep.


Milk with Cream on Top bottled in 750ml glass bottles


This is the name given to the process whereby milk is heated to 72°C for no less than 15 seconds and cooled immediately, this aids in destroying any harmful bacteria and micro-organisms that may be present in the milk.

Non-Homogenised Milk

In the days of milk bottles and aluminum tops, cream would separate and rise to the top of the bottle. Well so does our milk. We do not homogenize our full cream “milk & nothing else “ milk. It is as it comes from the cow and the cream definitely rises to the top.

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