Cheese & more

When it comes to our cheese we are always looking forward and experimenting with shapes, products and marinades. Below is our current range of cheeses made from our non-homogenised milk. We hope you enjoy our product and can taste in every mouthful the love, joy and adventure that went into creating it for you.

Non-Homogenised Milk

In the days of milk bottles and aluminum tops, cream would separate and rise to the top of the bottle. Well so does our milk. We do not homogenize our full cream milk. It is as it comes from the cow and the cream definitely rises to the top.


This is the name given to the process whereby milk is heated to 72°C for no less than 15 seconds and cooled immediately, this aids in destroying any harmful bacteria and micro-organisms that may be present in the milk.

Redder Fetta - Persian Feta

Redder Fetta (Persian Feta)

A fresh and creamy texture. Marinated Persian style in Tasmanian olive oil, seasonal herbs & garlic. Use this excellent aperitif for your cheese platter, tossed through salads or to add a touch of class to your pasta dishes.

In four great varieties: Herb and Garlic, Chili and Garlic, Sundried Tomato and Feta and nothing else.

Hand Stretched Mozzarella

Hand Stretched Mozzarella

Individually hand stretched to elongate the high protein content in this cheese. It is creamy, and silky in texture with a unique aroma and sweet lactic flavour.

Perfect for roasting on pizza or a fresh bruschetta served with fresh organic tomatoes and basil.

Cream Cream Cheese

This is a delicate fresh cheese which is best eaten fresh. This delight is airy and fresh on the palate and it is a must for the perfect cheese cake.

Well Red Brie

Well Red Brie

A soft ripened cheese with a mild satiny texture, and smooth on your tongue. This gentle cheese can be complimented with olive oil crostinis and rhubarb relish. Ideally, it is best enjoyed after tempering for 4 hours.

Reddest Red Washed Rind

Reddest Red Washed Rind

In creating the earthy aroma of this cheese, it has under taken daily nurturing and care creating the multi-faceted dimension to this delight. When tempered, Reddest Red is ripe on the outside and melting on the inside. The strong aroma, earthy tones and sweet mushroomy flavours compliment a deep bodied Red.

Cream Cream Cream - Tripple Cream Brie

Cream Cream Cream (Triple Cream Brie)

This high class cheese is luxurious on the palate, some might say 'caressing'. The creamy, buttery texture of this cheese juxtaposed with an acidic wine creates a perfect balance.

A delicious dessert with quince cheese and spiced pecans.